Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

Abandoned vehicles

We are under a legal duty to investigate and remove vehicles from any land forming part of the highway or in the open air if they are deemed to have been unlawfully abandoned.

This duty does not extend to the requirement to remove any vehicle, where the costs to do so are unreasonably high.

Abandoned vehicles will usually display the following characteristics-

  • burnt out
  • damaged/missing locks or windows
  • doors unlocked/open
  • flat tyres/missing wheels
  • accumulation of waste within the vehicle
  • poor vehicle condition for example damaged/missing parts/bodywork poor condition
  • stationary for a significant amount of time (at least 30 days), unless other characteristics are present
  • litter present underneath or waste stored inside the vehicle
  • mould present inside or outside the vehicle
  • missing number plates
  • vehicle fluids leaking on the highway for example oil or brake fluids

The above list is provided for guidance purposes only and the vehicle would not necessarily have to be displaying the full list to be considered abandoned. We are unlikely to remove a vehicle that is taxed and in good condition unless there is strong evidence to confirm the vehicle is abandoned.

To report an abandoned vehicle please complete the online form below.

You cannot use this form to report -

  • vehicles illegally parked
  • suspected stolen vehicles or dangerously/recklessly parker vehicles - please contact Humberside Police on 101
  • obstruction/parking disputes
  • caravans/trailers on the highway
  • vehicles left in council garages/parking areas/estate land

Further information can be found below on

How to report vehicles illegally parked
Obstruction and parking disputes
How to report caravans and trailers on the highway

Untaxed vehicles

Although we have delegated powers from the DVLA to remove untaxed vehicles, complaints of this nature are currently notified to the DVLA.

Access the GOV.UK website to report a vehicle you know is untaxed

Nuisance parking and stolen vehicles

If you wish to report your vehicle as you suspect it may have been stolen or any vehicle causing a nuisance because of the way it is parked or it causing an obstruction to highway users, please contact Humberside Police on its non-emergency number 101.

Voluntary surrender of unwanted vehicles

If you have a vehicle you no longer require we will collect and dispose of this without charge under our free take-back scheme.

Access the online form below to surrender your vehicle. You will need to provide proof of who you are and that you are the owner/registered keeper of the vehicle.

Removed vehicles and how to recover them

If your vehicle has been removed by us the registered keeper of the vehicle will be contacted at the address the vehicle is registered and we will notify Humberside Police of the action taken.

If you wish to enquire whether your vehicle has been removed, please telephone 01482 300 300 alternatively you can email enviro.crime@hullcc.gov.uk.

If your vehicle has been clamped or removed due to it being untaxed and you are the registered keeper, you will need to contact the DVLA.

More information on the release of a clamped or recovery of any vehicle removed from being untaxed please use the link to gov.uk below.

Access further information on the release of any clamp or recovery of any vehicle removed from being untaxed.


If you have evidence to help us take action against persons responsible for abandoned vehicles this may result in - 

  • £200 fixed penalty
  • recovery of costs (recovery, storage and disposal of vehicles)
  • prosecution and a maximum penalty of £2,500

How to pay a fixed penalty

Visit our payments page to pay your penalty charge

How to locate and claim your vehicle

Vehicles removed by us will be secured in a compound for up to 28 days. If it has been removed due to being untaxed it will stay in the compound until authorisation for disposal has been given by the DVLA.

In response to us removing an abandoned vehicle, a letter will be sent to the address of the registered keeper.

This will confirm-

  • how to recover the vehicle
  • information that must be provided
  • charges to be paid for the release of the vehicle
  • any enforcement action being taken by us

Access the Gov.uk website for further details on charges in relation to abandoned vehicles

Please note: If you fail to recover your vehicle and pay the charges within the periods notified we may dispose of your vehicle.

Recovering vehicles removed by the Council

Abandoned vehicles removed by us can be recovered by the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle. The registered keeper is the person named on the vehicle registration document (V5).