Abandoned trolleys

In Hull we work in partnership with TrolleyWise, a national organisation that was set up to work with trolley owners to help reduce loses from stores and retail outlets across the UK.

If you find an abandoned trolley close to the business it belongs to please speak to the business directly in the first instance. If you find a trolley elsewhere you can either contact TrolleyWise or the business direct using the below information.

Businesses covered by TrolleyWise

The following businesses are currently covered by TrolleyWise-

  • Asda - Hessle Road, Beverley Road, Main Road, Bilton, Savoy Road, Kingswood Retail Park and Mount Pleasant Retail Park
  • B&Q - Boothferry Road , Stoneferry Road and St Andrews Quay Retail Park
  • Home Bargains - Hessle Road, Holderness Road, Prospect Street and North Point Shopping Centre
  • Iceland - North Point Shopping Centre, Holderness Road, Prospect Street and Spring Bank
  • Sainsbury’s - Sainsbury’s Way, Hessle
  • Tesco - Hall Road, Hull Road, Beverley Road, Springbank, Holdernes Road, Newland Avenue, Bricknell Avenue, St Stephens Shopping Centre and Boothferry Road
  • Makro - St Andrews Quay
  • WM Morrisons - Holderness Road
  • Pets at Home - Rix Road and St Andrews Quay

To report an abandoned trolly from the above locations contact 0800 316 1241, alternatively email Trolleywise@wanzl.co.uk

or you can download their free TrolleyWise App by visiting http://www.trolleywiseapp.co.uk/

Businesses not covered by TrolleyWise

The following businesses are not covered by TrolleyWise, please use the numbers below to report abandoned trolleys from these businesses - 

  • Farmfood Stores - 01217 007 160
  • Aldi - 01827 711 800
  • Co-op Stores - 0800 023 4708
  • PC World - 0344 561 1234
  • Dunelm - 0345 165 6565
  • Heron Foods - 0845 603 7300
  • Lidl - 0800 977 7766
  • Marks and Spencers - 0333 014 8555
  • Next - 0333 777 8739
  • Pets at Home - 0800 328 4204
  • Wilkinsons - 0800 032 9329

Removal of trolleys from water

Access the Environment Agencys website to report a trolley in rivers or drains.

Alternatively you can contact them on 03708 506 506. 

Access the Canals and Rivers Trust website to report a trolley in any inland waterway. 

Alternatively you can contact them on 03030 404 040

Your responsibility

To help reduce the presence of abandoned shopping trolleys you can help by-

  • not using a trolley to transport your shopping home
  • once you have used a shopping trolley, leave it in a sensible location within the boundary of the business such as the trolley bay
  • don’t take trolleys past containment strips, these will be strips located on the footpath and boundary of the car park designed to stop trolleys being removed
  • report persons who fly tip wastes in shopping trolleys
  • if you notice a shopping trolley abandoned, report it