Burning of commercial or industrial waste

If you witness a business burning waste contact us on 01482 300 300.  Dont approach the business.

What we will need from you

  • details of any CCTV in the area for example local businesses and houses
  • details of any CCTV,dashcam, photographs or other video recordings you have that show the burning taking place

We investigate businesses and providing we have enough information available to help identify and locate the person responsible, you are willing to provide a witness statement and give evidence in court if necessary, enforcement action will be taken.

It is illegal to treat and dispose of trade waste by burning.

The only exception is where this activity is permitted under an environmental permit, or exemption from such requirements.

Access further information on exemptions

Problems caused by businesses burning waste

  • increased levels of air, ground and water pollution
  • smoke or odours that may cause a nuisance 
  • fire safety risks
  • release of noxious or poisonous compounds posing a risk to health and affect persons sensitive to pollutants for example people with asthma, bronchitis or heart conditions
  • annoyance to local community 
  • reduce visibility in the area which can cause a risk to road safety
  • harm wildlife

Reporting fires

If you see a fire that is unattended and poses a risk to life or property you should contact Humberside Fire and Rescue by calling 999. 

If any fire is causing smoke to blow across the highway and posing a risk to highway users, contact Humberside Police on 101 (non-emergency number), unless you feel this is an emergency in which case call 999. 

Useful links

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