Fly tipping

Fly tipping is a crime. We treat fly tipping very seriously and will pursue those responsible where evidence is available to identify and locate those responsible

What to do if you find fly tipped waste

  • report it to us using the form below
  • don’t touch the waste, it may contain syringes, chemicals or other hazardous substances
  • don’t disturb the site as it may contain evidence to help us identify those responsible
  • tell us if the waste contains details of who the waste belongs to 
  • tell us if you can see any CCTV in the area for example local businesses and houses 
  • tell us if you have any CCTV,  dashcam footage, video or photographs 

Access our online form below to report fly tipping or dumped rubbish -

What happens next

We investigate fly tipping on public and private land.

Providing enough information is available to help identify and locate the person responsible and you are willing to provide a witness statement and give evidence in court if necessary, enforcement action will be taken by us.

If you are a landowner it is your responsibility to remove the waste, we investigate where the waste has come from and take enforcement action were possible. If successful the landowner may be able to recover the costs of removing the waste through the courts.


If we have enough evidence to confirm who is responsible this may result in -

  • £400 fixed penalty
  • seizure of any vehicle involved with fly tipping
  • prosecution, which if convicted could result in an unlimited fine
  • recovery or clean-up costs for the removal and disposal of fly tipped waste

How to pay a fixed penalty

Visit our payments page to pay your penalty charge

Your responsibility

  • keep your waste safe and secure on your property 
  • recycle or dispose of  your household waste, through the free services we provide for example wheelie bins, recycling sites, bulky collection scheme
  • don’t place bagged waste by any wheelie bin, on the highway or public land
  • always recycle or dispose of your waste within your household bin
  • only pay and transfer your waste to authorised persons
  • report fly tipping to us

Useful links

Access Your waste and the law for further information on your legal obligation with regards to the management of waste

Access our trade waste page if you want a quote for the removal and disposal of waste


Flytipping is a crime