Illegal waste carriers

You can report an illegal waste carrier transporting or collecting rubbish within Hull.

All waste carriers have a certificate provided by the Environment Agency to say they can lawfully transport waste.

What happens next

We investigate your report and if there is evidence to identify a person as not being a registered waste carrier we take enforcement action.

Dont get caught out by illegal waste carriers

We are urging residents and businesses to ensure they comply with the law and be vigilant against illegal waste carriers. 

Illegal waste carriers will take away rubbish for a relative nominal fee. Often this is in response to-

  • cold calls
  • approaching local businesses and persons in neighbourhoods
  • through social media for example Facebook, Twitter
  • traditional advertisements within local newsagents and newspapers 

Rubbish collected in this manner is rarely disposed of in accordance with the law.

Access further information on your legal obligations and duty of care for disposing of waste

What steps to take before paying someone to take your wastes

You can check whether the person is authorised by checking any registered waste carrier's certificate you have been shown on the Environment Agency's website or by contacting the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 and asking for an 'instant waste carrier validation check'.

You should also-

  • ask to be provided with a waste tranfer note which will confirm where your waste has been transferred to and where it will be taken and disposed
  • dispose of your household waste at our household waste and recycling centres 
  • always ask where your waste will be taken for disposal 
  • if you have any concerns where you are told your waste will be taken don’t give it to anyone 
  • don’t use anyone who refuses to show you their original waste carrier’s licence or confirms they will provide you with a waste transfer note
  • record as much details as possible of the persons and vehicle used to remove your waste (this should include vehicle registration and any signage on the vehicle) and keep a safe record in case you are contacted by us
  • use your mobile to take pictures of your waste 
  • don’t use persons who cold calls your property
  • don’t assume persons who advertise are legal
  • always remember it is your responsibility to check persons before giving them your waste 
  • don’t be fooled by someone offering to remove your waste, if the price sounds too good to be true it probably is

Waste carrier registration checks

In the case of businesses, we require waste transfer notes to be provided upon request and if this fail to take place, issue a fixed penalty or pursue the matter through the courts. Businesses are responsible for the lawful disposal or recycling of your rubbish. You may be liable for prosecution if you do not check that your waste carrier is authorised to do so.

Visit the Environment Agency website to check registered waste carriers