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You can report individuals or businesses who drop litter in Hull using the online form below.

You cannot use this for to request for the -

  • removal of litter
  • installation of street litter bins
  • repair/replacement of existing street litter bins
  • placement of stickers, signs or stencils

Access here to find out more about our street scene services.

We respond within five working days and update you on the progress taken by us, if you have been able to -

  • identify the person responsible for littering
  • are willing to provide a witness statement

We investigate reports against those responsible for the littering and take action against them if enough evidence is available to prove an offence has taken place.

If we receive evidence involving a littering offence from any vehicle, the registered keeper of the vehicle will be contacted in writing.

The registered keeper will be notified of the offence and will be provided with the option of -

  • paying the fixed penalty, or
  • if they were not the person responsible for the littering offence, to complete and return a 'driver keeper statement' to us, which confirms the details of the person responsible

The Law

It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 for any person who throws down, drops or otherwise deposits and leave litter on any land such as public land, open spaces, highways and any private land to which the public have access with or without charge.


If you're seen dropping litter in Hull this may result in- 

  • £100 fixed penalty
  • prosecution and a maximum penalty of £2,500

Visit the GOV.UK website to find out about the penalties that can be given for littering

Paying a fixed penalty 

Visit our payments page to pay your penalty charge

Your responsibilities 

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