Litter from businesses

We are trying to tackle businesses who fail to take adequate measures to prevent the presence of litter, or to remove anything deposited during the operation of the business and at the time of closure. 

If you suspect that a business is not dealing with the litter gererated from their business you can report this to us by calling 01482 300 300.

What we will need from you

  • information about the business and the impact it is having as a result of the litter
  • images or videos of the litter
  • when and where you noticed the litter
  • whether this has happened before
  • they type of litter for example fast food, drink/food packaging, smoking related litter
  • any other information to help deal with the complaint

Enforcement action action will be taken providing we have enough information to identify the business responsible.


If enforcement action is taken to any business contributing to litter or waste problems, this may result in- 

  • £100 fixed penalty or
  • prosecution up to £20,000 or an unlimited fine
  • recovery of the clean up costs

How to pay a fixed penalty

Visit our payments page to pay your penalty charge