Provide footage of environmental crime

Tell Dave - If you have footage of any environmental crime?

We are urging drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists with dashboard cams, handlebar cams or helmet cams to help tackle environmental offences. 

We are doing this by asking the public to contact us if they have recorded any person whilst driving home, dropping the kids at school or heading to work and whilst doing so have footage of someone committing an environmental offence, such as -

  • littering from the vehicle
  • fly tipping
  • suspected to be an illegal waste carrier
  • the driver in front has caused damage to the highway e.g. driven on the pavement or grass verge resulting in this needing to be repaired
  • behind a vehicle with scrap metal 

Can footage be used in court? 

Absolutely. Regardless of the mode of transport the recording device is fastened to, the footage obtained can provide a valuable form of evidence for any enforcement action undertaken. 

What do I do if I have footage?

If you have any footage that has captured the above, we may need you to provide us with a statement in order to take action. We will always consult you before taking any action that identifies you as the source of any footage.

To enable us to determine whether an offence has been recorded please send your recording to email

What will happen next?

Once we have received your recording an officer will review the footage. 

We will then contact you and confirm whether an offence has been captured. If this is the case, we will confirm whether you would be happy to provide a witness statement.

Why is a witness statement required?

If a statement is required this will be in response to a criminal offence having been captured. We require you to confirm the recording provided is a true and accurate recording and it has not been manipulated or enhanced. In addition, we will need you to confirm the date, time and location where the recording was made. 

Once you have provided a witness statement this will allow us to carry out 
further enquiries to confirm the registered keeper of the vehicle and, if required, use your footage in any prosecution should this decision be taken. 

Make sure you camera is set up correctly and you are not breaking the law

Always make sure you have set the correct time and date on your dashboard cam, handlebar cam or helmet cam. Also make sure it’s always fitted to not obstruct your field of vision or positioned unsafely. Otherwise, this could result in you being fined or the footage recorded potentially being rendered inadmissible in court.


Please note that Hull City Council may use the details you submit in order to prosecute criminal offences or deliver public tasks.  We will not identify you as the source of any camera footage without first consulting you. However, in some circumstances you may be identified as the source of the footage even if you object to this, for example, details of serious criminal activity may be shared with the police.

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