Air Quality

Air pollution can have significant effects on health and the environment. Like all other local authorities we are required to assess and work towards improving air quality in Hull to meet stringent health based objectives set by the government. 

We have worked hard over the years to clean the air, and as a result of this action and other national measures to reduce air pollution, air quality has improved dramatically in Hull.

Annual Status Reports (ASRs)

As our part in the National Air Quality Strategy, we review and assess air quality across the City, and submit the results in the form of Annual Status Reports (ASRs) for appraisal by independent experts contracted by Defra. 

Find out more information on the National Air Quality strategy

These reports can be accessed below.

Air Quality Objectives (AQOs) and Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs)

Where an assessment determines that there is an exceedance of the air quality objectives. (AQOs) The Council must declare an Air Quality Management Area

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In Hull, we have declared an AQMA in an area adjacent to the A63.

More information can be found on AQMAs here.                                

Our Air Quality Strategy

Having declared an AQMA, the authority must produce an Action Plan (AP) of measures aimed at achieving the AQOs.  The AP for Hull now forms part of our Air Quality Strategy, which can be accessed below.

Planning Guidance and the Local Plan

The Air Quality Strategy is compiled by officers and members across the Authority, and has resulted in further actions, such as Guidance for Developers and Planners, which now forms part of a Supplementary Planning Document on Environmental Quality  linked to the Local Plan.

Access the supplementary planning documents

Smoke Control

The Council is in the process of consolidating the 25 existing Smoke Control Orders into one single order for the whole of the Authority.

More information about smoke control area can be found here.  

Smoke from bonfires, barbeques and chimineas and so on is not covered by the Smoke Control Order(s), and is dealt with under nuisance provisions

Access information on smoke nuisance.

Environmental Permits

Emissions to atmosphere are also regulated by Environmental Permits.

Further information can be found on Environmental permits here.  

Air Quality Monitoring

In order to review and assess air quality, we measure the levels using a number of techniques, and also model to predict future levels. More information can be found in the ASRs available on this page.

As detailed in the ASR, we have located our own real time monitoring stations at various locations in the City in the last decade, with the remaining operational unit currently sited near to the A63. This information is supplemented by long term sampling at over 50 locations across the City using Defra approved methods, such as NO2 diffusion tubes.

There are also two monitoring stations operated in Hull as part of the DEFRA monitoring network-

Hull Freetown

Hull Holderness Road