Hull 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy

We declared a Climate Emergency in March 2019 and has responded to this by publishing the Hull 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy and a shorter Challenges and Actions document which were approved by the Councils Cabinet on the 27 April 2020. All of the documents are available at the bottom of the page.

The Hull 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy is built around eight key themes which require focused action;

  • Power
  • Heat
  • Mobility
  • Consumption
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Fair Transition
  • Jobs and Skills
  • Innovation

These themes present the key areas where decarbonisation action needs to be taken by the city its institutions, businesses, community & voluntary sector and residents.

In addition Government and its agencies have a key role to play in supporting the city through timely and effective legislation and funding.

It is only by working together in partnership that we can we build a city that meets the challenges of climate change and create an economy that is fit and prosperous in the future.  

We all have a stake and role in shaping the future of our city the Council is undertaking an initial 12 month conversation on the 2030 Hull Carbon Neutral Strategy, the challenges and actions it proposes and what else we need to do to make the transition.

We need your views of what we can and should be looking at and doing whether that is examples of what other cities have done in the UK or internationally or good examples of what we have done in the city by -

  • businesses
  • organisations
  • residents

The Strategy and its actions belong to all of us that #lovehull so if you have something we think we should know about or we should be highlighting then please email us at

Hull City Council Climate Emergency Declaration 21 March 2019