Drug and alcohol support

ReNew provides adult drug and alcohol support services across Hull. 

Visit the ReNew website to access their services 

Support for young people

ReFresh is a young people’s drug and alcohol service providing confidential support for young people up to the age of 18 who live, study or work in Hull.  

ReFresh knows that if you are having problems with drugs or alcohol you may be having difficulties in other areas of your life. We have helped lots of young people improve -

  • family relationships
  • secure somewhere stable to live
  • get support with school, college or work
  • make positive use of their time  

ReFresh can offer you - 

  • a space to talk and someone to listen
  • advice and information on reducing and using safely 
  • health checks -
    • including sexual health
    • safer injecting
    • testing and treatment for blood borne viruses 
  • help to deal with cravings, controlling tension and reducing anxiety 
  • help with emotional and mental health 
  • help to improve family relationships 

How to access

You can access the service by -

  • email - refresh@hullcc.gov.uk 
  • telephone - 01482 331 059
  • in person - Kenworthy House, Monday to Friday 12.30 - 2pm ask ask for Refresh worker

Parents and carers can also seek advice or support if they are concerned about a young person.

Strategies and policies

Access our alcohol strategy and public health briefing papers on drugs and alcohol.