Children's and families feedback

Our recent Voice & Influence newsletter covers the latest in voice & influence news,  consultations and opportunities for children and young people to get involved. We hope you enjoy the latest issue below. Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us to shape future services provided for children, young people and families in Hull.

Children’s services include social care, children’s residential homes, leaving care services & fostering but does not include complaints about schools.

For complaints about any of the below services please use our Corporate Feedback, selecting Corporate Services then choosing Education, Learning Skills and Early Years - 

  • school standards
  • admissions
  • transport
  • special educational needs
  • early years

Access our Corporate Feedback

If you are unsure, please contact us and we will make sure you are sent to the right department.

Sometimes we don’t get things right first time or you might feel that we could have given you a better service.

If you are not happy with the care that you or someone else is receiving it is your right to complain. Please let us know as this gives us the opportunity to make changes and to try and put things right. We will always take your complaint seriously.

How to complain about children’s services

This is what to do if you have a complaint about children’s services:

  • talk to the staff who provide the service you are not happy with. First of all, if you feel comfortable doing so, you should tell the people providing the service about your concerns so they have a chance to put things right.
  • contact the Children’s Complaints Team

Telephone - 01482 616 143

Email -

Write in -

The Children’s Complaint Team
Brunswick House
Strand Close

You can also complete a Complaints Leaflet. The leaflets below explain the complaints process and have a form you can complete and send to the Children’s Complaints Team.

Leaflets can be made available in different formats for people with visual impairments and learning difficulties. We can also provide an interpreter to help you understand the complaints process if English is not your first language. If you contact the Children’s Complaints Team they will arrange this for you.

If you need help making a children’s services complaint

Do you feel worried or confused about making a complaint? There are people who can help.

  • you can ask a relative, friend or carer to help you make a complaint, or make a complaint on your behalf (we would have to check with you that you are ok with them doing this)
  • all children and young people are entitled to advocacy support that is independent & confidential. If you contact the Children’s Complaints Team on 01482 616143 they will arrange this for you
  • if you have a learning disability you may be entitled to help from an advocate. If you contact the Children’s Complaints Team on 01482 616143 they will advise you of any help that is available.