Garden Maintenance

Keeping your garden tidy

Tenants should ensure that their garden(s) are tidy and free from excessive weeds and litter, this includes bulky items like, fridges, other white goods and furniture.

If your garden is overgrown or untidy we will contact you to find out why you are not maintaining your garden. If there is no particular reason why you cannot maintain your garden, we will encourage you to resolve the problem yourself or with help from family and friends. We will usually agree a timeframe for you to carry out the work and will check on progress until the problem is resolved.

If you do not sort out the problem within a reasonable period of time we may consider taking legal action to resolve the problem, this can include undertaking work in partnership with the council's Enforcement Team. This will be rechargeable to the holder(s) of the tenancy as per the councils contract rates.

We check on the condition of gardens periodically through our patch walk process which helps us to identify environmental issues in the area.

Find out about patch walks

Visit us at at your nearest information point or customer service centre for more information.

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