Mutual Exchanges

Covid - 19 service update

A member of the housing team will contact you to ask if you are still happy to proceed with your application. We will need to ask you about your health in regards to Coronavirus to ensure that we can do our best to protect the health and wellbeing of - 

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New Mutual Exchange applications

We are starting to accept new Mutual Exchange applications again.

A mutual exchange is where one tenant swaps homes with another tenant, with consent from their landlord(s).

If you are a secure council tenant then you do have the right to mutual exchange with another tenant.  This can be a a housing association or another local authority tenant. You need to complete a homesearch application form, which can take up to four weeks to register on to the computer system.

To apply for a mutual exchange you need to register with House Exchange. This is a national website which allows you to search for people who would also like to exchange their home. You can also advertise yourself to find a swap, this could be done by advertising in your local shops.

Register with House Exchange

Once you have found a person who you would like to swap with, you need to complete and return an application form which can be found in any of your local Customer Service Centre or Information Points.  Once the application is received you will be contacted by your local housing officer who discusses the process with you.

Once the application form is submitted

We must make our decision on whether the exchange can go ahead within 42 days of us receiving your 'application for a mutual exchange' form. You will be contacted by us (or your landlord if you are not a Hull City Council tenant) to arrange for a viewing of your property and/or a discussion about your rent account. There are various things we need to check before we can make our decision.

If you are waiting on a response and it has been longer than 42 days please use the below to submit your query to the relevant department