Taking a lodger into your council home

Secure tenancy

If you are a secure council tenant you have the right to take in a lodger but you must notify us first.

If you are a secure tenant, please download and complete the following notification form. Alternatively you can request a paper copy to be posted to you, please telephone 01482 300 300.

We will write to you to confirm that we have received your notification and you are then free to take in your lodger.

For more information about taking in a lodger or subtenant into your home download the document below.

Introductory tenancy

If you are an introductory council tenant you must have the council's written permission to take in a lodger.

It is a condition of your tenancy agreement that you give us the lodger's details including the rooms that they will occupy and the rent they will pay.

If you are a demoted or introductory tenant and wish to have a lodger, please complete the following form. Alternatively you can request a paper copy to be posted to you, please telephone 01482 300 300.

We will need to visit you at your property to discuss your request and carry out an inspection. We will write to you to let you know whether the lodger arrangment can take place.

Access to rooms for lodgers

Lodgers do not normally have exclusive access to any rooms and you will have unrestricted access to the rooms they use. In practice, this is likely to mean that the lodger does not have a lock on the doors of the rooms they use and you are likely to provide some services such as cleaning and laundry. Often, lodgers are provided with meals, though this may not be the case.

Right to rent

All private landlords, including anyone subletting or taking in lodgers, are required to carry out mandated checked on all new tenants to make sure they have the right to rent property in England.

Landlords are required to check identity documents for all new tenants and take copies. The Government has worked closely with housing and homelessness charities to design a document list which can accommodate different individual circumstances such as for people do not have traditional identity documents like a passport.

The roll out of Tight To Rent has been informed by input from a panel of experts from trade bodies, local authorities, housing charities and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  This has been backed up by stakeholder events with landlords and agents.

These are resources available to help landlords comply with the new rules, including an online checking aid which landlords can use to guide them through the process and to request a check on anyone who has an outstanding case with the Home Office.

Check your tenant's right to rent

Housing and council tax benefit claims

If you are claiming housing or council tax benefit, your claim may be affected by taking in a lodger so please remember to inform our benefits team and the Department of Work and Pensions for other benefits. If you do not report a change to your circumstances you could be under or overpaid benefit and you could face prosecution.