Homes available on a first come first served basis

Sometimes we have properties that are available on a first come first served basis.  

All properties are first advertised in the HomeSearch advert for bidding, but if we are not able to let a property to any of the people that bid for it we may then advertise it as first come first served.

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Most of our first come first served properties are advertised on the LetsHelpYou website although we may advertise them elsewhere (we tell you on this page if any properties are being advertised anywhere else). Our properties are clearly marked as Hull City Council properties.

Visit the LetsHelpYou website to find out more   

Apply for a first come first served property

If you have a first come first served property you are interested in you should follow the instructions in the property advert. Usually it gives you a telephone number to contact to express your interest. You need to be on the housing list before we can consider your expression of interest.

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Eligibility criteria for a first come first served property

You may still have to meet certain criteria to be considered for a first come first served property. This is stated clearly in the property advert. If you do not meet the criteria stated we are not able to offer you the property.  

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