Nominations to housing associations


Housing associations sometimes allocate their properties from their own waiting lists and sometimes they request ‘nominations’ from us.  A nomination is when we put names forward from our housing list to be considered for one of their properties.

If you want us to consider nominating you to a housing association, you need to be registered on our housing list and tell us that you wish to be nominated.  You also need to tell us which areas of Hull you would like to live in and we will only nominate you for properties in those areas.

Direct nominations

Some housing associations ask us to send them nominations directly from our housing list.  We will send them  the details of applicants who have told us they are interested in being nominated in that area.

Advertised nominations

Some housing associations will advertise the properties they want nominations for in our HomeSearch adverts and you must bid for them if you wish to be nominated.  If you bid for these properties, we will send the housing association your details. 

How do we prioritise applicants we nominate?

Generally we will nominate people in priority order, following the rules in our Lettings Policy (also called our Allocations Policy).  This means the higher your housing need, the more likely you are to be nominated.

Sometimes we have special nominations agreements for particular housing association schemes.  These agreements might give priority to people living in the immediate area of the properties or people meeting other criteria. 

Applying directly to housing associations

If you are interested in renting a property from a housing association, you should contact them directly to ask about registering on their housing lists as well as requesting to be nominated by us.

Access further details of the housing associations with properties in this area