Priorities for council housing

The higher your housing need the more chance you have of being offered a property.

When we are allocating a property we produce a list of everyone that has bid for it, in priority order, highest to lowest. We do not consider bids from people who are not eligible for the property. We invite the bidder with the highest priority in for a pre tenancy interview. 

Bidders are prioritised by band, A is the highest and E is the lowest. Within these bands bidders are prioritised as follows -

  • A - by the number of priorities you have, then the date you went into Band A
  • B - by the date you were awarded your priority
  • Band C - by the number of points you have
  • Band D - by the number of points you have
  • Band E - by your application date

In certain circumstances we do not advertise a property and instead we allocate it to a customer with a direct let award. 

You can learn more about our Allocations Policy by clicking here.