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If you are not able to email please ring 300 300 and an officer will call you back as soon as possible.

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Register on the housing list

You can apply for a home through our Homesearch Scheme. To register on our housing list you need to complete an application and provide proof of your circumstances. Once the application has been processed you can bid for properties (bidding does not involve any money, you are just showing your interest in a property). 

How to register

You must fill in the Homesearch application using the link below and provide all of the relevant documentary evidence (proof) of your circumstances these can be uploaded to your application as you go along. The application form tells you what we need proof of and we will accept clear photographs of documents if you are not able to scan them in. You must make sure you provide all the proofs we need. If we do not receive all of the proofs we may not be able to process your application or award you the correct priority for your circumstances.

If you are not able to apply online and have no one that could help you to do this, please call us on 300 300 and an officer will call you back to discuss.

Who can be on our housing list

You must be 16 or over to apply to be on our housing list.

You may not be eligible if -

  • you are from abroad (even if you're a British Citizen) 
  • have been found guilty of unacceptable behaviour and we believe this makes you unsuitable to be a council tenant

If we decide you cannot be added to our housing list, or we disqualify you from it, we notify you and tell you how to appeal if you do not agree with our decision.

Find out more about our allocations policy

What happens next

Once your application has been registered we will notify you of-

  • your reference number (also called your bidding number)
  • the level of priority you have been awarded
  • what your household type is (for example if you are a single person or a family with one child, etc)

This information determines the type of properties you can be considered for and how likely you are to be offered one, so you must check it carefully and contact us if you do not think it is correct. When you have received this you can start bidding.

Other housing options

There is high demand for our homes so we are unable to offer everyone on our housing list a property. You may wish to consider other housing options such as private rented accommodation or housing associations.

Changes in your circumstances

Once you are registered on the housing list it is your responsibility to inform us if any of your household circumstances change.  You should also make sure we always have your up to date contact details so that we can contact you if you are being considered for an offer of a property.  Failure to advise us of any changes in your circumstances could result in us not being able to make you an offer of a property.

Complete the form below to notify us of a change in circumstances, this could be one of the following;

  •     someone has moved in or out of the property
  •     add or remove a person from your HomeSearch application including expected children
  •     a member of your family is expecting/had a baby
  •     if you would like to amend your requirements
  •     if you need to update us of a change in your name
  •     if you wish to add or remove a joint applicant

You can use the below for a list of acceptable proofs 

If you would like to know how much benefit you may be able to receive or help with budgeting, visit our benefit calculator and budgeting tools