Supported Accommodation Review Team

We review the quality of non-council commissioned supported accommodation. The team works with Providers to ensure that supported accommodation is free of significant hazards and that tenant support is being delivered to a high standard.

The Supported Housing Provider Charter identifies and establishes shared goals which will assist Supported Accommodation Providers, the Council and partners work together to achieve outcomes for some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable residents in Hull, and to make the provision of outstanding Supported Accommodation which meets local needs a shared ambition across all services in Hull.


During the Covid-19 pandemic the Supported Accommodation Review Team will be dealing with the majority of service requests over the telephone.  This will involve contacting landlords and support providers regarding issues that tenants raise and requesting repairs are completed.   We will then contact the customer again at a later date and if it is necessary arrange to carry out a full inspection of their home.  We have also made the decisions to suspend the Enforcement Policy 2018 - 2021 until a later date.  We will still carry out visits to properties subject to a risk assessment if the conditions pose a serious risk to the occupants. 

Service requests relating to tenant support will also be dealt with over the telephone and will involve contacting support providers regarding issues raised, providing advice and guidance where appropriate, and requesting that concerns relating to tenant support are addressed.

The proactive inspection and support review programme has been temporarily suspended.