If you become homeless

COVID-19 service update - 

Homeless or under threat of homelessness

If you -

  • have nowhere to stay tonight
  • are under threat of homelessness
  • it is not safe for you to remain in your current property

Please ring the Housing Options Team on 01482 612 040 during office hours Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5pm Fridays 9am to 4.30pm (01482 300 304 out of hours) and an officer will help you. 

Alternatively you can go to the below link for advice and to complete a self-referral. An officer will call you back within 48 hours.

Advice and self-referral

Ongoing cases will be managed via telephone and e mail.

If you do not have access to a phone, you can attend the Humberside Police advice hub near the fountain in Queens Gardens between 10am and 12 noon where you will be put through to the Housing Options Team.

During the pandemic notice periods have changed for private tenants

Usually your landlord must give you up to two months notice. Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), the notice periods are longer.

If you were given notice between 26 March 2020 and 28 August 2020, your landlord must give you three months to leave the property.

If you’ve been given notice since 29 August 2020, your landlord must give you six months to leave. You might have to leave much sooner if you’re evicted using a section eight notice, depending on the reason for eviction.

Due to COVID-19 the situation is changing regularly and we advise you to check the latest guidance on at GOV.UK -

Access information new protections for renters during the national lockdown

Access information on the posession process for landlords and tenants

If you become homeless

If you are already homeless, or despite the work you and your caseworker do, you cannot prevent your homelessness then the focus is on helping you secure accommodation over a 56 day period. If you are eligible for assistance and have a priority need you are offered accommodation in the meantime.

Citizens Advice can also provide you with independent advice and information on applying for homeless help.

Access Citizens Advice

Find out if you are considered in priority need

You are considered in priority need if you are -

  • responsible for full time care of dependent children
  • in households containing pregnant women
  • a young person aged 16 or 17
  • homeless as a result of a natural emergency such as fire or flood
  • considered to be vulnerable and at risk as a result of -
    • old age
    • mental illness
    • physical disability
    • violence
    • harassment
    • other special reason
  • considered to be vulnerable as a result of having served a prison sentence or having been discharged from HM Regular Forces

Find out if you have a connection to Hull

This might be that you have -

  • lived here for six out of the last 12 months
  • lived here for three out of the last five years
  • a permanent job in Hull
  • close family (parents, brother or sister) that have lived here for the past five years
  • very special reasons why you must live in Hull

If you do not have a connection to Hull we pass you onto another area where you do, as long as it is safe for you to go there.

Intentionally homeless

Please remember that in considering your case, we also assess whether you have in any way contributed to your circumstances, this is called ‘intentionality’. Each case is considered carefully to decide whether the loss of accommodation was deliberate or through no fault of your own.