Housing strategies and policies

Our strategy includes investment in new homes, improvements to existing homes and neighbourhoods and sets our priorities for the next three years.

A key part of our strategy is supporting the delivery of new and improved housing. We work to prevent people becoming homeless and provide support and advice to meet individual needs.

We continue to make the most of new funding opportunities and innovations working with our partners. We are committed to consulting and working with local communities, finding ways to meet their ambitions.

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Future Housing Needs Strategy

We are leading the development of a new housing strategy for the City's adults. This will guide investment and will set our priorities for the future. 

We want to hear from adults of all ages including those who may consider themselves as needing additional support either now or in the future. This need could arise from age related conditions or a pre-existing disability. 

If you are an adult living in the city and would like to have your say complete the survey 

or for more information email - Housing.Strategy@hullcc.gov.uk

Hull tenancy strategy

Sets out what registered providers of social housing in Hull should consider when they grant -

  • different kind of tenancies
  • tenancies for a fixed term, the lengths of the term
  • a further tenancy when an existing tenancy is coming to an end

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Tenancy policy

The tenancy policy explains the tenancies granted by us.

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Private sector housing enforcement policy 

Explains how we use our legal powers to deal with poor housing which affects our health, safety, comfort and convenience. It also covers statutory nuisance from properties. In developing this policy we have to consider the regulators’ compliance code, which requires a risk based approach and proportionality to regulatory enforcement.

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Private housing renewal policy

The document below is currently under review. 


Gives information on -

  • grants, loans and advice that are available to improve  privately owned homes
  • sets fuel poverty targets
  • describes assistance for area regeneration
  • describes how we adapt properties if you need assistance such as slopes, grab rails
  • describes how we work to bring empty properties back into use
  • gives home maintenance advice

Preventing homelessness and rough sleeping strategy

The Preventing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy sets out key information and evidence about homelessness in Hull. It also details the actions we and our partners are taking in order to prevent homelessness and relieve rough sleeping.

The Preventing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy can be found below.