Preston Road regeneration

Funding was committed for the regeneration of the Preston Road area over a five year period.

The plans include -

  • 1000 new builds
  • refurbishment of 366 Winget properties - now complete
  • demolition of 514 Winget properties - nearing completion

Access the Holderness Road Corridor Area Action Plan for designation of land usage


Most of these properties were a non traditional property type referred to as a Winget. These homes were identified for demolition because their construction was classified as defective and extensive reinvestment is required to prolong their life.

The acquisition and demolitions are nearing completion. We are working with residents to explore rehousing options for those few houses remaining.

We work closely with the police, area team and other community partners to minimise antisocial behaviour associated with empty properties and ensure that demolition follows the acquisition of properties as closely as possible. Please report any issues to us or your local police.



The refurbishment of the Winget homes to the west of Holderness Drain and Marfleet Lane has now been completed,

New build

175 new homes at Exeter and Ganstead Grove are completed.

Those identified for demolition will be given priority for new homes.

The new homes at Portobello Street, Maybury Road and Alexander Gardens (the former Greif site) off Southcoates Lane are being built by our City Wide Lead Developer consortium which includes, Keepmoat Homes, Strata Homes and Homegroup.

Portobello Street

142 homes for affordable rent including 93 new council homes are now finished. 

Maybury Road

55 new homes have been built and sold by Strata Homes.

Alexandra Gardens, Southcoates Lane

162 new homes including 35 council homes and 127 homes for sale. The site is being developed by Keepmoat Homes. For details on the homes for sale please contact Keepmoat sales team on 01709 766 000. There will also be a new open green area with a footpath linking the new homes to Troutsdale Grove.

David Lister site

Pickering and Ferens Homes have finished building 82 new bungalows called Newbridge Village, surrounding the Integrated Care Centre.

The Integrated Care Centre delivers specialist care, better management of long term health conditions and services for frail, elderly patients.

Hopewell Road

An outline planning application has been made to build six bungalows on Hopewell Road with a further ten planned as a next phase. These will be two bed bungalows and once a builder is selected we will hold a residents drop in consultation on the draft designs in Autumn.