Private Housing Environmental Health

The role of the Private Housing Environmental Health service is to ensure that residents of the city live in safe and healthy homes. Local authorities have statutory duties and powers to deal with conditions in dwellings which affect other properties, occupiers, visitors or members of the public. Inspections on properties are carried out when either -

  • we have received a concern regarding the property
  • the exterior is in visibly poor condition
  • it is a routine inspection

We will give landlords at least 24 hours notice of our intention to inspect properties by issuing a Notice of Entry.

Statutory notices

Statutory notice/s may be served following an inspection of the property. The notice/s detail what work we consider is required within what timescale to remove or reduce a potential hazard. Once the officer has contacted the landlord/agent with the works required if a landlord/agent wants to propose alternative works we would be willing to discuss other options. If landlords fail to carry out the work specified on the notices we will arrange for either -

  • the work to be carried out at the landlords expense
  • a prosecution case being passed to the legal department or the service of a fixed penalty notice or up to £30,000

for more information access our Civil Penalty Policy


If you are served with a statutory notice you will be charged for this.

Carrying out the work

Work that has been identified on the notices must be carried out in the timescales specified. If you have any questions or queries regarding the work or you are experiencing difficulties in gaining access to your property to carry out the work you need to discuss this with the officer that is dealing with your property.

Right to appeal

If you have been served with a statutory notice your rights of appeal are detailed on the notice. Appeals should be made to the Residential Property Tribunal. 20200222094146