Private housing repairs

When you report any repairs to your landlord or agent, you need to back this up in writing by -

  • letter
  • email
  • text

You must include -

  • the date
  • your name and address
  • your landlord or agents name
  • the problems with your house. Try to include as much information about what the problem is and in which room it is in

You need to keep a copy of the text, email or letter that you send. This can by done by -

  • screenshot
  • print out
  • photocopy
  • photograph

This is proof that you sent the message in writing.

You need to ask the landlord or agent to come and look at the issues within 14 days. The landlord may have to arrange for someone to come back at a later date and carry out the repairs. You cannot expect all of the issues to be sorted in 14 days. If you are unhappy with the landlords response after 14 days, then contact us.

If we find that repairs or improvements are required then we can serve a legal notice requiring that the works are carried out. In these cases you could be protected from eviction for up to six months. If you do not contact your landlord in writing first the you will protected from eviction for two months.

Example letter

Dear Mr David Smith

I would like to report the following issues with my property 21 Any Street.

1. The window in the small bedroom will not close.

2. The smoke alarm on the ground floor is not working.

3. The bathroom wash hand basin is leaking.

Could you please come and look at these items within 14 days from the date of this letter.

Yours sincerely

Amy Tenant

30 March 2017

Example text message

Hi Dave. Can you come and look at the problems in my house within the next 14 days please. The window in Fred’s room won’t close. The smoke alarm downstairs is beeping. The bathroom sink pipe is dripping. Thanks Amy. 30.3.17