Noise nuisance

You can report a noise problem related to non council properties or businesses online. Examples of noise problems include -

  • industrial such as factories, machinery, ventilation fans, air conditioning units, construction sites
  • business premises
  • alarms
  • household appliances 
  • dogs barking
  • loud music
  • shouting and banging
  • DIY
  • vehicles, car radios, loud speakers
  • buskers

What happens next 

We contact you within three working days to discuss the issue and agree a course of action.

Keep a log of any further related incidents, including dates and times.

Out of hours noise

We respond to the following calls out of hours -

  • registered ongoing noise investigations
  • first time complaints of an urgent nature, for example intruder alarms from domestic and commercial premises or vehicle alarms

Telephone us on 01482 300 300 to report noise out of hours

Council property noise

If you are reporting noise from a council property this needs to be reported as antisocial behaviour.

Report noise from council properties