Challenge your parking penalty

Before you start

To access your case you need your - 

  • penalty charge number (KH followed by eight numbers)
  • vehicle registration number

To appeal you can include -

  • any information you think helps your case
  • up to three photographs or document

Examples of when an appeal may be considered -

  • if you have placed your pay and display ticket upside down
  • if you made a valid payment using MiPermit
  • if you have a valid disabled badge
  • medical emergencies

All appeals must be submitted along with proof of the mitigating circumstances.  Each appeal is considered on its own merits and other cases have no bearing on your case.

You can appeal your parking penalty charge notice within 28 days of issue if you think it has been issued incorrectly. 

If you pay the penalty charge notice, the case is closed and any challenge against the notice will not be considered.

How to pay 

Pay your penalty charge notice

What happens next 

If your appeal is rejected you can pay the charge. If you made your appeal during the discounted period, you have 14 days to pay your penalty charge at the discounted rate.

Failure to pay

Fee stage  Action Lower penalty charge fixed fees (accumulated) Higher penalty charge fixed fees (accumulated) 
Up to 14 days  You can appeal or pay the fine at the reduced rate  £25 £35
14 - 28 days  You can appeal or pay at the full rate £50 £70
28 days  A notice to owner is sent to the vehicle owner and they have 28 days to pay or appeal £50 £70

Find out how to appeal when a notice to owner is received

If your case is at the Bailiff please contact them direct or alternatively contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre on  0300 123 1059 or 01604 619 450 and quote your PCN reference number

If your query relates to  payments made today please contact The Cash and Banking Department on 01482 300300 and quote your PCN reference number