Short term and long term car parks

COVID-19 Service Update -

From Monday 15 June motorists will be charged for parking on-street parking and council-owned car parks.

A number of signs encouraging people to use contactless payments via the MiPermit app and observe two metre social distancing rules will be in place across all car parks.

You can find the details of all long and short stay car parks available in the city centre, flat surface and multi storey car parks, the prices and tariffs and the opening and closing times of the car parks daily.

Short Stay Car Parks are chargeable daily from 8am - 6pm

We rarely close these car parks but are forced to do so from time to time to curb anti social behaviour or for specific purposes. When this occurs as much advance notice as possible is given.

Albion Street Car park

Lowgate Car park

Tower Street Car Park

Hull History Centre car park

Trippet Street Car park

Surface sites

Chargeable daily from 8.30am - 6pm

Francis Street: - with space for 182 vehicles and four marked disabled parking bays.
Monday to Saturday £3 all day
Sunday £1 all day

Multi-storey sites

Open Monday to Saturday 7am - 7pm

Pryme Street car park is also open Sundays, 9am and 4pm- with space for 514 vehicles and a height restriction barrier of 191cm (6'3").
Daily charges payable. All days, £3 for 24 hours parking

George Street multi-storey car park is also open Sundays, 9am  and 4pm - with space for 549 vehicles and a height restriction barrier of 191cm (6'3").
Daily charges payable. All days £3 for 24 hours parking

We currently have 20 bays suspended on the 4th floor.  They are roped off and have suspended bay cones in them.  We advise staff and public not to move the ropes or cones for safety reasons.  If they do and park in these spaces a PCN will be issued for parking in a suspended bay

Osborne Street multi-storey Now Open 24 hours a day– with 342 spaces and a height restriction of 6’8” at the entrance and another restriction of 5’9” under the ground floor ramp. 

Daily charges payable – All days £3 for 24 hours parking.  This car park is open 24 hours a day at the present time