Disability +C Bus Passes

A disability +C bus pass is intended for use by anyone who cannot use public transport alone. This pass will allow the holder to travel with a companion (who must not be accompanying the person as a part of their paid employment) free of charge. This pass is not available for children aged under 11 as children under this age will normally be accompanied by an adult.

In some cases people are issued with +C bus passes who do not always have to travel with a companion and because of this, +C bus passes holders can travel alone.

The pass will be valid in Hull at any time but can also be used in the following local authority areas after 9.30am on weekdays -

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • West Yorkshire PTE
  • South Yorkshire PTE
  • North Lincolnshire Council,
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • North East Lincolnshire Council
  • City of York Council

To be eligible for a +C bus pass you must be-

•  a resident of Hull and
•  have a medical professional provide written evidence  (print and complete Disability Travel Request + C) of the reason why you are unable to travel alone and one of the following -

  • in receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)and awarded 8 points or more in either Section 12 Moving Around or Section 7 Communication Verbally
  • in receipt of Higher Rate Mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

You must also have one of the following -

  • exempt from driving due to medical reasons (not persistent use of drugs or alcohol)
  • a holder of a Blue Badge a holder of a Disabled Bus Pass
  • in receipt of War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • the owner of a registered HCC Social Services card in one of the following categories -
    • Yellow - Sight impaired or severely sight impaired (previously referred to as partially sighted and blind)
    • White - Profoundly or severely deaf
    • Grey - Without speech
    • Blue - Limbless (no arms or legs or the long term loss of use of either arms or legs). A letter from the NHS Artificial Limb Unit is also acceptable proof of this
    • Pink - Learning Disability

How to apply for a +C bus pass

You can turn up without an appointment at one of the following libraries -

  • Avenues
  • Bransholme
  • Fred Moore
  • Western
  • Greenwood
  • Ings
  • Central
  • Holderness Road

You must bring-

•  a fully completed +C application form (available from issuing libraries)

•  proof of residency (utility bill or bank statement)

•  proof of disability dependent on eligibility

  • DWP Benefit Letter
  • recent letter from DVLA (D206 or D235)
  • recent letter from Doctor stating entitlement to drive has been withdrawn or refused for medical reasons  - be aware your GP may charge for this service
  • Blue badge or disability bus pass
  • letter proving receipt of War Pension
  • Social Services card of appropriate colour

There is no need to provide a passport photograph as your picture will be taken by the advisor at the library. You will not receive your pass on the same day. An advisor will order your pass and you will receive it via post after five working days.