Home to School Transport Procurement Opportunity

Hull City Council is seeking providers to supply and deliver transport services for Education and Social Care.

The Authority has an established Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which is administered through the Yortender portal for the provision of passenger transport services with suitably qualified operators of Private Hire, Hackney Carriage and PSV/PCV vehicles.

We currently have a shortfall in the following  categories -

  • 9 seats and above (mini bus)
  • 16 seats and above (small coach)
  • Adapted taxis
  • Adapted mini bus

Interested providers are to register interest and also complete a Standard Question Questionnaire (SQ) word document attached on YORtender. The authority will then assess the completed SQ against its qualification requirements and will notify the supplier on the result within 10 working days.

Suppliers who meet the qualification requirements will be placed onto the DPS and will be invited to tender for any contracts tendered through this process.

Where the Authority has a contract to be tendered through the DPS, all suppliers who have successfully applied for the appropriate category will be invited to submit a price for the contract (fixed price journey price or daily price depending on the nature of the requirement).

The DPS will be used to procure any taxi and bus-related services the authority will require, including: Home to school transport adult day care transport provision social care clients (both adults and children) to various locations Council staff transport requirements.

The routes and destinations for this transport provision may be within the boundaries of Hull but may also be to and from locations outside of the Authority's geographical boundaries.

The Authority proposes to enter into Contract(s) for periods of 1 to 4 years dependant on the category of vehicle, with options to extend at the discretion of the Authority and subject to satisfactory performance. The initial tender took place on 3 January 2017. Further mini competitions will follow to cover transport for other services within the Authority.

Providers will be required to accept the service terms and conditions when bidding for contracts under the DPS. 

If you are interested in applying to join this DPS please ensure you register your interest as well as completing and submitting the standard Selection Questionnaire for this DPS.

Register interest here

Guidance on how to register on YORtender and submit an application for the DPS can be found in the following document.