Land charges

You can submit a local land charges search online. When you register and submit your search online you benefit from - 

  • a reduced fee of £90 for standard searches instead of the £118 fee for manual searches (based on a standard residential LLC1 or CON29 search)
  • a faster turnaround time of three days
  • faster payments with a credit or debit card.

To submit a search you need - 

  • your credit or debit card details
  • a detailed plan of the search being carried out 
  • a plot number or postcode for any new developments

Find out about land charges fees

What happens next

We answer questions using information on the land registers and check the results to make sure it is correct. We inform you of the search results within three working days.

Expedited searches

We process all expedited searches within one working day but you must email us at to make sure the request is processed within the deadline.

Guidance for buying and selling a home

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has published guidance for the public on buying and selling a home, which is available on their website
MHCLG Guidance: How to buy a home

MHCLG Guidance: How to sell a home