Planning enforcement

You can report to us - 

  • unauthorised change of use
  • advertisements displayed without consent
  • unauthorised extensions

You can also ask that we investigate any concerns about - 

  • untidy gardens
  • works to listed buildings
  • works to trees in conservation areas or protected by Tree Preservation Orders


Any complaint made to us will be treated in complete confidence.

What happens next

We respond to all reports sent to us within five working days.

Enforcement register

You can check if a property has had an enforcement notice served on it since 2015.

The enforcement register is available below. 


Proceeds of crime act

The council can use the proceeds of crime act as appropriate in an attempt to remedy a breach of planning control that is causing harm to residential amenity or interests of acknowledged importance.  The Act will be utilised where appropriate to retrieve monies gained unlawfully, both to help cover costs of enforcement and to provide a deterrent to ongoing breaches of planning control.


Enforcement plan

Our enforcement plan which shows how we prioritise enforcement complaints is shown below.