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A number of planning forms and supporting documents can be found below

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Design and access statements

A Design and Access Statement is required with planning applications for -

  • major development;
  • development  in a Conservation Area
  • application for one or more dwellings
  • applications for building  where the floor space created is 100 square metres or more.

Listed building consent applications must also include a Design and Access Statement and a Heritage Statement.

A Design and Access Statement is a short report accompanying and supporting a planning application.


Validation checklist

Please read the validation checklist below to make sure you send the right information with your planning application.


Flood Risk

A flood risk assessment may be needed with your application. Please use the map below to see which zone your address is in.

Contamination Assessment

We want to encourage the redevelopment of previously used land (brownfield land). However, because of the risk of contamination associated with this land the developer must make sure there is no danger to human health or the environment. Put simply, the land must be suitable for use.

 Certain types of applications require a preliminary assessment of land contamination to be completed as part of the validation process, for example new housing (see the validation checklist, available to download above, for more information).

If a preliminary assessment is required, please complete and return the preliminary assessment of land contamination form.


Unilateral Undertakings

Planning applications for new dwellings in Hull are expected to provide open space, play space and recycling facilities on site. Where this is not possible off-site provision can be made, via a legal agreement. Normally, before any such application can be approved the completed Legal Agreement must be in place. Below is a template that will assist in preparing such an agreement, you are advised to seek legal advice in this matter.


Planning Forms


The Notice No. 1  below is for use with certificate B, C, D and Agricultural Holding Certificate No. 2. This needs to be sent to -

  • anyone other than the applicant who owns any or all of the site
  • anyone who is a tenant of an agricultural holding which forms all or part of the site


Application for listed building consent

Certain buildings, which are considered by the government to be of architectural and historic interest, have been placed on a  list, which gives them a greater degree of protection than other buildings. They are known as listed buildings. A copy of this  list is available at the Wilson Centre. If you intend to do any work for the demolition or part demolition of a Listed Building or for its alteration or extension in any way which would affect its character, you will need to apply to us for listed building consent for the proposed works.


Consent to display an advertisement

Consent is needed before a wide range of signs of advertisements are displayed, but not all signs need formal approval.


Notification of a proposed larger Home Extension

In May 2013, legislation was introduced to allow longer single storey rear extensions on houses.  

The size limits will double from four metres to eight metres for detached houses, and from three metres to six metres for all other houses.
These new larger extensions (i.e. if they extend between four and eight metres, or between three and six metres) must go through a notification process. 

Use the forms below to notify us of this type of proposal. 



You can also get application forms by -

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