Planning, building control and archaeology

City Planning provides Planning, Building Control, Archaeology, Urban Design and Conservation, Flood Management and Enforcement advice and makes decisions in a timely and informed manner.

The Council adopted a new local plan in November 2017 which sets out a clear vision for the city.

By 2032 a further 10,000 homes will have been built, 10,000 jobs created and leisure facilities enhanced.

2017 witnessed a number of key City Centre projects completed (Hilton Hotel, New Theatre Extension, Ferens Art Gallery refurbishment and the opening of the Hull University Technical College). The Bonus Arena opened in 2018.

Planning plays a vital role in delivering high quality development across the city.  A key component of this is the new local plan which will influence public and private sector investment and development proposals over the next 15 years.  This plan aims to steer developers to the most sustainable locations. Planning is critical in shaping the built and natural environment and guiding investment decisions.  A guide has been produced which draws together all the key components of the planning department in Hull and should prove a crucial tool to the community in enhancing their understanding of the planning process.

Access the planning guide here

Authority Monitoring Report

The Hull Local Plan 2016-2032  was adopted in November 2017. The Council produces our Authority Monitoring Report every year which reviews progress in respect of the implementation of adopted policies.  This is a requirement together with details of cooperation with neighbouring authorities. The report reflects on Housing, Population, Economic Development and Flood Schemes (‘Living with Water’).