Paths and grit bins

When snow and ice is predicted, footways, pedestrian areas and cycle routes are salted as a precaution.

When adverse weather hits, we will aim to clear snow from main walking routes such as the town centres as our main priority. If conditions continue, we then look at clearing snow from bus stops and then concentrate on clearing snow from areas where vulnerable people live.

Treatment of cycle routes is limited but we are working to identify priority routes.

Clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself

There's no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your home or from public spaces. It is unlikely that you'll be sued or held legally responsible for any injuries on the path if you have cleared it carefully.

Access GOV.UK for more information about clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself

Grit bins

We have around 400 grit bins located across the city that you can access to help grit paths during the wintry weather conditions. You can find out where these bins are located by accessing the documents below-