Sale or repair of vehicles on the highway

We can investigate complaints relating to nuisance vehicles against businesses (and in limited circumstances individuals) who-

  •  leave two or more vehicles that are exposed or advertised for sale on the highway within a distance of 500 metres of each other
  • carry out repairs, maintenance, servicing, improvement or dismantling works of vehicles on the highway 

Can I repair my vehicle on the highway?

Vehicles must not be repaired on the highway if this is carried out as part of a business or for financial gain or reward. This activity can cause a nuisance to local communities. It can also result in valuable parking spaces being taken up for local residents and businesses within the neighbourhood.

Individuals are also not permitted if it causes a nuisance such as noise, litter or waste.

If repairs to a vehicle are necessary following an accident or breakdown they should be done within 72 hours. Any waste must be removed and disposed of responsibly. 

If you are unable to carry out the works within this period you must remove, or make arrangements with a recovery agent to remove this from the highway.

Can I sell my vehicle on the highway?

If you are the registered keeper/owner of your vehicle and you intend to sell your vehicle, this is permitted to take place so long as this does not cause a nuisance or obstruction of the highway. 

If you are selling your vehicle on the highway you must ensure it-

  • holds a valid vehicle excise licence (tax disc)
  • is insured
  • has a valid MOT certificate.

If you are a dealer/business involved with the sale of second hand goods such as vehicles and you wish to trade in Hull, you must register with us.

Register as a dealer in second hand goods

We dont recommend purchasing any vehicle exposed or advertised for sale on the highway, especially from unknown persons and to never buy a car without being shown the log book for that vehicle. If you're buying a used car privately, you should always deal with the person at their address or at a garage.

Access the Legislation.GOV.UK website for further details on the carrying out repairs to or the exposure/sale of vehicles on the highway.

Reporting nuisance vehicles

Contact us on 01482 300 300 to report someone who is selling two or more vehicles on the highway.

In order for us to take enforcement action we may require a witness statement depending on the activity taking place.

Nuisance parking and stolen vehicles

Call Humberside Police on 101 if-

  • you wish to report nuisance parking for example vehicles dangerously parked, vehicles involved in road traffic accidents or vehicles obstructing the highway 
  • you suspect your vehicle has been stolen
  • you suspect any other vehicle has been involved in a crime

How to pay a fixed penalty

If you have been issued a fixed penalty notice under - 

  • section 6 of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005

Visit our payments page to pay your penalty charge