Road closure request

We deal with permanent and temporary road closures to make sure activities (roadworks, events and so on) can be carried out. Road closures need to be applied for and go through an approval process. 

Temporary road closure requests

To apply for permission to close a road, to prevent vehicles or pedestrians using it complete the below form. 

You must -

  • include a plan showing the location of the closure
  • include a plan showing diversion routes and signs you intend to use
  • return your completed form (and plans) to our Permit Team
  • allow at least 12 weeks notice before the required closure for us to process, consult and advertise the notice
  • contact the Permit Team for further advice, if needed

Email your completed application form to-

Application costs

The cost is £1200 plus VAT for a closure of public highway.

We monitor and co ordinate work carried out by the activity promoters. This monitoring makes sure a co-ordinated approach to road closures to limit the amount of disruption to road users. 

You can view current and forthcoming roadworks, events and road closures on a searchable online map.

Access local and national roadwork information here

If you would like to report a problem with any roadworks, or if you would like more information on roadworks and road closures, you can contact us - 

Telephone 01482 300 300