Road closure request

To apply for permission to close a road or footpath to prevent vehicles or pedestrians using it complete the form below.


Email your completed application form to

You must -

  • include a plan showing the location of the closure
  • include a plan showing diversion routes and signs you intend to use
  • return your completed form (and plans) to our traffic management team
  • allow at least five weeks notice before the required closure for us to process your application
  • if the road is not suitable or the closure is rejected then we usually get back in touch with the applicant within a couple of days

Please note that -

  • permission to close a road or footpath is only be given if keeping it open causes considerable risk to those using it
  • permission is valid for the duration of road closure you applied for
  • contact our traffic management team for further advice

Application costs

The cost is £1200 plus VAT for a closure of public highway. 20191206092809