Highways Planned Maintenance Work

Proposed carriageway planned maintenance works for 2019/2020

Please note that these schemes are indicative only and may be subject to change -

  • Wold Road
  • Wymersley Road
  • Manor Road
  • Ainthorpe Road
  • Clarence Street
  • Merrick Street
  • Holderness Road Westbound
  • South Church Side
  • Alfred Street
  • Endyke Lane
  • Ellerburn Avenue
  • Beverley Road
  • Holderness Road Westbound
  • Pembrook Grove
  • Preston Road eastbound
  • Saltshouse Rd westbound
  • Thomas Clarkson Way southbound
  • Station forecourt


Micro Surfacing Works

‘Hull City Council will be undertaking its micro surfacing programme starting on 13th April for the following 4 weeks.

When the resurfacing is complete the road markings will then be reinstated.

37 different locations are included in the 2019/20 programme covering over 45,000m2

The locations across the city are mainly on unclassified residential streets.

Micro surfacing involves the overlaying of the existing carriageway to seal up any cracks and potholes to prevent water ingress.

The skid resistance and even ride of the carriageway is also improved by the micro surfacing process.’

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