Hull City Council Permit Scheme

Traffic Management Act - Hull Permit Scheme

Anyone wishing to work on the highway has to apply for a permit to carry out works on Hulls roads.

Hull, as the Highway Authority, implemented a permit scheme on 1 April 2020 for works on the Hull City Council highway network.

Previously, work promoters had a statutory right to work on the highway and tell the council when they will be working on the road.

Under a permit scheme, work promoters ask for permission to work on the highway and will need to provide clear start, end and duration details – any variations to these during the work could incur a fee.

Permit schemes were introduced by the Government to -

  • reduce disruption on the road network
  • improve overall network management
  • reduce delays to the travelling public
  • reduce costs to businesses caused by delays
  • incentivise work promoters to collaborate
  • promoting a safer environment
  • reducing carbon emissions

All roadworks and activities on the Hull highway network can reduce the amount of the street available to traffic and pedestrians. This can also cause problems for businesses and local residents. The scale of disruption is different depending on the type of activities and the capacity of the street. Activities where the traffic flow is close to, or exceeds, the physical capacity of the street can cause disruption and delays.

The Hull Permit Scheme is to improve the strategic and operational management of the road network through better planning, scheduling and management of activities to minimise disruption to any people using the road or pavement. We use it to co-ordinate activities throughout the highway network, making sure disruption to those competing for space or time in the street, including traffic, can be minimised in a positive and constructive way.

Implementing the permit scheme ensures the council has accurate information about the work taking place on its network, which allows better co-ordination and management of works.

The permit scheme is be cost neutral – with the cost of permits funding the administration of the scheme.

Activities that need a permit

Activities likely to need are permit are -

  • breaking up or resurfacing any street
  • opening the road, footway, verge or cycleway
  • the need for any form of temporary traffic regulation order or notice, or the suspension of pedestrian crossing facilities
  • reducing the width of the existing carriageway

The Legal bit

  • permits were brought into existence through part three of the Traffic Management Act 2004 as a new way in which we can manage activities in the public highway
  • in 2015, statutory guidance for permits were introduced to give consistency across the country​
  • The Department for Transport has now said Local Authorities must have a permit scheme in place by April 2020

Application Process

Hull City Council currently started operating a Permit Scheme from the 1 April 2020 you can make an application for a permit by your preferred electronic communication system. However, there will be circumstances when this is not possible. In this instance an application can be made by completing the Permit Application form below.

Email your completed Permit Application form to:

We have adopted the nationally agreed Permit Scheme Conditions, developed and approved by the Highway Authorities and Utility Committee (England), as our standard conditions, including referencing.

Permit Fees

A fee can be charged for each of the following -

  • issuing a permit
  • an application for a permit, where the Permit Scheme requires a Provisional Advance Authorisation to be obtained as part of that application; and
  • each occasion on which there is a variation of a permit or the conditions attached to a permit

The Permit Authority will charge fees in accordance with Regulation 30. Current fees are available on request.

Permit Fees do not include costs charged or recoverable by highway authorities in relation to consents or other requirements such as for Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders, Notices or parking suspensions related to other works being carried out.

Fees are not charged to generate revenue, although a Permit Authority may cover its costs.

Christmas Embargo

Details of the Street Works restrictions for the period Nov 8, 2020 to Jan 5, 2021.

Please see the below street listing and location map. 

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