Trees, hedges and verges

How to report a problem

If you have a complaint regarding tree root related subsidence damage from street trees or any other council owned trees please contact us.

We will ask you for as much information as possible, including –

  • the date the damage started or was first noticed
  • a description of the damage, preferably with a sketch and/or photographs
  • copies of all relevant reports and monitoring data

Please provide an accurate description of the location and include:- 

  • street name 
  • adjacent house number 
  • shop name
  • nearby lamp post number

The location will then be inspected and where repairs are necessary the tree or hedge will be cut back.

All reports will be fully investigated and where appropriate action will be taken to prune or fell council owned trees adjacent to the building.

If the building is insured we would advise you to contact the insurance company to discuss the damage and if appropriate they will arrange for a professional to carry out further investigations.

If a tree or hedge is obscuring a road traffic sign please let us know immediately.

Parking on verges

Please help us keep verges tidy and respect the safety of other highway users by finding somewhere else to park. You could be prosecuted for causing damage to a verge.

If you park on a verge where there are double yellow lines you may receive a parking ticket.

It is an offence to drive along the footway.

To report somebody parking or driving on a verge please contact 01482 300 300 or email

Contact us

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Tel: 01482 300 300

Complete the below to request a service for-

  • floral displays
  • rose shrubs
  • hedges

Floral displays

These are planted twice a year. This is usually between:-

  • May and June
  • October and November

Rose shrubs

We carry out work on Council flower beds three times a year


Works are scheduled to avoid disturbing nesting birds and this is carried out on a rolling programme across the city.

We will investigate all reports and aim to resolve the matter within ten working days.