Street lighting

You can request new lighting in the City or report a fault to one of the following items within the Hull City Council boundary -

  • street light
  • illuminated signs
  • belisha beacon
  • bollard

This excludes the A63/A1033 trunk road (Clive Sullivan Way, Castle Street, Garrison Road and Hedon Road). To report an item on this road contact the Highways England on 0300 123 5000 or email

Street light

Illuminated signs

Belisha beacon


It is an emergency if the equipment has - 

  • lamp post/signs/illuminated bollards are knocked down or leaning dangerously
  • Lamp post/signs door off and wires exposed
  • Lanterns loose or hanging

In all of these instances contact us on 01482 300 300 so we can respond immediately.

Report a faulty street light

If you wish to report a faulty light please make a note  of the location or streetlight  column  number and complete our online form.

Request a new street light

If you wish to request new street lighting, please complete our online form.

What happens next

We aim to complete routine repairs within seven calendar days and attend emergencies in two hours.

If the fault is the responsibility of the local electricity supplier, we make the light safe and report the fault to them. The energy provider will require up to four weeks to repair the fault.

Adoption of new street lighting

Housing/building developers are advised to adhere to the our Street Lighting Design Guide and Specification for New Developments. You can request a copy by email at -