Domestic Violence

COVID-19 Service Update

If you are seeking support due to domestic abuse during isolation a new web chat service has been launched.

The live chat will be online from 10am to 12pm on weekdays.

Access Woman's Aid live chat here

The facility from National Women’s Aid will provide another platform for victims to seek support and advice.

If you use the web chat facility and need additional support you will be referred on to the Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership.

More information on Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership can be accessed here

or you can call Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership on 01482 318 759 

If you are worried about someone else can report it anonymously to Crimestoppers.

Access Crimestoppers website

Men who would like confidential advice to find the strength to stop domestic abuse can contact Strength to Change on 01482 613 403, from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday.

Find out more information on Strength to Change

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • psychological abuse
  • financial abuse
  • a pattern of controlling and abusive behaviour within an intimate or family type relationship. 

If you are being abused, threatened or physically assaulted by a partner, former partner or a family member, that is domestic violence. As well as actual physical violence, domestic violence can involve a wide range of abusive and controlling behaviour including - 

  • threats
  • harassment
  • physical attacks
  • financial control
  • emotional abuse

Anyone can experience domestic violence, it happens in all kinds of relationships and for any reason, regardless of - 

  • age
  • race
  • religion
  • sex
  • disability
  • lifestyle

It's rarely a one off event.

If you are a victim of domestic violence

If you are being abused there are three simple steps you can take -

  • recognise that it is happening to you - domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour. Some abusers are sorry for their actions and persuade their partners that the abuse won't happen again, but the violence usually gets worse
  • accept that you are not to blame - it is not easy to accept that a loved one can behave so aggressively and because you can't explain your partner's behaviour, you may assume that you are to blame. You are not, it is your abusers behaviour that needs to change, there is no excuse. 
  • get help and support - the most important thing you can do is to tell someone that you can trust. Never be afraid to ask for help and remember in an emergency call 999

For help and support access the Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership website 

If you are experiencing abuse at home or think that you might at risk, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Tenancy Officer by calling 01482 300 300 to organise a meeting at which you can discuss your options,.  You don’t have to put up with it. 

Find out more about support for female victims of domestic violence

Find out more about support for male victims of  domestic violence

If you are violent to your partner

If you have been violent or abusive to your partner, you can get help to stop your domestic violence.

Find out more about support to stop your domestic violence

Useful numbers


Telephone number


GALOP 0800 999 5428   
Childline 0800 111 111  
Female victim support - domestic abuse partnership 01482 318 759  
Home office forced marriage unit

Office hours - 0207 0080 151 

Out of hours -

0207 0081 500

Hull domestic abuse partnership  01482 318 759 Hull DAP
Hull rape crisis 01482 329 990  
Male advocacy support service 01482 444 044  
Male victim support - Hull City Council 01482 613 978  
NSPCC 01482 837 822  
Preston Road Women's centre 01482 790 310  
Refuge - 24 hour help line 0808 2000 247 National Domestic Violence Helpline
Respect - support for men to stop domestic violence 0845 1228 609  
Revenge porn helpline  0845 6000 459  
SARC (sexual assault referral centre) 01482 305 037  
Strength to Change - support for men to stop domestic violence 01482 613 403 Hull Strength To Change
Victim Support

01482 30 50 80 (local)

0845 30 30 900 (national)

Victim Support
Women's Aid

01482 446 099 (local)

01482 474 133 (local children's services)

0808 200 0247 (national)

Hull Women's Aid

Women's Aid