Listed buildings

A listed building could be a building, statue, streetlamp or even a telephone box. These are added to the statutory protection list by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport because they have special historical or architectural significance. There are around 473 buildings in Hull on the list.

Listed buildings are classified in grades to show how important they are in relation to each other. Grade I buildings are of exceptional importance, grade II* are of more than special interest and grade II are of special interest.

You can access descriptions of Hull's listed buildings at the Historic England website, National Heritage list for England.

Visit the Historic England website

Alternatively visit The Wilson Centre.

What listing protects

When a building is listed, the whole inside and outside of the building are protected, including any object or structure fixed to it (such as fireplaces) and any structure or object within the boundary that has formed part of the land since 1948. The description on the list may not include all features but they are still protected by law.

Alterations to listed buildings

Even though a building is listed you can still make authorised changes to it. Keeping a building in continuous use is often the best way to make sure it survives. Being on the list protects against demolition and unsuitable alteration. You must get listed building consent if you want to -

  • demolish
  • add or extend, including conservatories
  • put in new or replacement features, like doors, windows and gutters
  • use new roofing materials
  • clean, render and paint external walls
  • remove internal or external features, like chimney stacks, fireplaces, floors, walls and decorative plasterwork
  • work on boundary walls, railings or other garden structures.

If you carry out any work which affects the special character of a listed building without consent you are committing a criminal offence. You could face a fine or imprisonment and have to reinstate the building to its former state.

Please contact us if you are making any alterations by email

Alternatively telephone 01482 300 300.

Conditions of a listing building

A listed building should be kept in good repair because it is part of England's heritage. Usually if you carry out like for like repairs using matching materials and design you will not need listed building consent. If a listed building is not kept in good repair we can serve a repairs notice to specify the work needed to bring the building up to a reasonable condition with a time limit.  If you own an unoccupied listed building we can serve an urgent works notice and carry out works ourselves to make a building safe and weatherproof. We can then charge you for the cost of the works and professional fees.

Contact us for information on listed buildings, urban design and conservation and building regulations advice and approvals by email

Alternatively telephone 01482 300 300.

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