Pensions and retirement

Pension Adivce

GOV.UK can provide you with advice and support on your pension and what happens next.

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Pension Credit

Pension Credit is an income related benefit made up of two parts, Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit.

GOV.UK can provide you with information and advice on Pension Credit.

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State Pension Benefit

Some of the rules about your benefits depend on your age. In many cases, the rules change when you get to State Pension age.

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information and advice on benefits for older people.

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Alternatively, GOV.UK can also provide you with information about your State Pension

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Pension Wise

Pension Wise is a new government service set up to help people understand the pension options available to them.

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information and advice on Pension Wise.

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Proof of life and overseas pension

Residents of Hull who are entitled to an overseas pension can get their proof of life certificate signed and stamped by the Lord Mayor at the Guildhall.

You will need to bring your proof of life certificate along with proof of ID ie passport, driving license, utility bill, or council tax bill in person to the Guildhall reception.

The Guildhall receptionist will check your ID against the details of the life certificate form and take your telephone number to contact you when it is ready for collection if there is not a stamped addressed envelope with it.

The Guildhall receptionist will pass the life certificate form to the Civic Office.

The Civic Officer will complete any relevant details and stamp the form with the Lord Mayor’s Office stamp and make arrangements for the Lord Mayor to sign it when they are next in.

Once the form has been signed it will be taken back down to the Guildhall reception who will contact you to arrange collection or it will be posted out if a self-addressed envelope was enclosed.