Refugees and asylum seekers

Hull prides itself as a City of Sanctuary. It has a strong history of working with partners to welcome and support those fleeing persecution.

Refugees who arrive in the UK as asylum seekers may be able to access support from our Refugee Integration Service.

In addition, we have long supported and participated in the national refugee resettlement programmes. Some examples of resettlement programmes and schemes are those such as the -

  • Gateway Protection Programme
  • Vulnerable Person's Resettlement Scheme
  • Afghan Relocation Assistance Programme

Support for Ukraine

Information on how to support Ukraine is now available.

Voluntary organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers

There is a network of voluntary organisations across the city. They provide support to refugees and asylum seekers.

Offers of help

If you would like to volunteer your time to support refugees and asylum seekers, visit the websites of our partner organisations.

Donating clothes and or household items

Hull Help for Refugees, Open Doors and Welcome House are currently able to receive donations. Check these organisations' websites for details.

Welcome House would be especially grateful for donations of -

  • toiletries
  • nappies
  • feminine hygiene products

Hull Help for Refugees are especially looking for small and medium men's clothing and shoes, as well as pull along cases, mobile phones and rucksacks.