New, replacement and removal of bins

Use this form to -

  • replace a damaged bin
  • replace a lost or stolen bin
  • replace a bin that has fallen into the bin lorry
  • exchange a bin that is too large or too small
  • request an additional bin if you're a large family and/or have medical needs
  • get a bin removed from your home

Additional bins

If you often have too much recycling, you can request additional blue or brown bins.

You can only request an additional black bin if there are six or more people permanently living in your household and you are already recycling as much as you can.

You may also be entitled to an additional black bin if you have a specific medical need. These enquiries are dealt with on a case by case basis.

You will need to complete a declaration form as part of this process. We will contact you each year to review your need for the additional bin.


Bin type


Blue Free
Brown Free
23 litre food caddy (only available to residents who do not receive the brown bin service) Free
5 litre kitchen caddy Free
Black £35


If your black bin was damaged by our crew or fell into the bin lorry, it will be replaced free of charge. Complete our online form and we will investigate and normally respond to you within two working days.

New build properties

We deliver bins to new build properties free of charge.

Once a property is registered for Council Tax, the department notify the Waste Management team. Once informed, you will have new bins delivered and receive an information pack.

Find out more about registering for Council Tax

Request a new bin

Use our online form to submit your request for one or more bins. Payments (if applicable) can be made using a debit or credit card.


Bin deliveries and removals will take place between 7am and 5pm on your delivery date. You do not need to be in your property at the time of the delivery.

Deliveries will be left within the boundary of your property, if access is available. If access isn't possible, the bins will be left outside the property boundary.

We do not deliver or remove bins from tenfoots.

Communal Bins

If you have a large household waste or recycling bin shared between houses or flats, please submit your enquiry using our online form. We will check details of the property and normally respond to you within two working days.

Remove my bin

You can also request a bin to be removed from your property if you no longer need it. 

Only use this service to remove unwanted bins from your own property, not abandoned or fly-tipped bins. 

Report an abandoned or fly-tipped bin

Abandoned bins attract other types of rubbish and can make a street appear uncared for. If you see a bin that has been abandoned on the street, footpath or left out by a neighbour, please let us know and we'll get it removed. If you could check to see if it is full or empty that would be a big help.

Report an abandoned or fly-tipped bin

Service Failures

We're sorry if your bin has not been delivered or removed on your appointment date. Please notify us using the service failure form and we'll get it resolved as quickly as we can.


If you want to cancel your new bin delivery the request must be submitted more than 24 hours before the arranged appointment time. 

If a request to cancel a bin delivery is submitted less than 24 hours before the booked appointment time, it will still be delivered, and you will have to request its removal.