Household waste recycling centres

STOPPRESS:  Household Waste Recycling Centres and bulky item collections

created: Tuesday, 5 January, 2021 - 16:13

Before you leave home, please consider the following essential guidance -

  • anyone in self-isolation or with COVID-19 symptoms must not visit the sites under any circumstances
  • you should only visit if it is absolutely necessary e.g. if excess waste or bulky items represent a health and safety risk
  • all site users will need their resident’s pass or proof of Hull residency on display in the car window to gain access

Please note when you arrive at the site -

  • you are requested to wear a face mask
  • the number of vehicles on site at any time will be restricted
  • queues are expected to be longer than normal
  • queue marshals will be in place to - 
    • provide advice
    • manage the number of vehicles allowed on site
    • check resident’s passes and van or trailer permits
    • assess essential need 
  • two metre social distancing will be strictly enforced
  • only one person will be allowed out of the vehicle when on site with the exception of bulky items requiring two people to lift 
  • no assistance can be given by the site staff in unloading waste
  • walk-ons will not be accepted.  All pedestrian gates will be closed

We expect really high demand and ask you to be patient, polite and tolerant. Abuse of staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances

Getting to the HWRCs -

  • if you really feel the need to visit  you should plan your journey and allow sufficient time to queue and dispose of your waste
  • the Amsterdam Road site on Sutton Fields Industrial Estate is our busiest site. It is anticipated that the queues at Burma Drive and Wiltshire Road will be shorter
  • Amsterdam Road access will be restricted to the Holwell Road/Rotterdam Road end. A diversion will be in place preventing access from Leads Road / Hamburg Way. 

Household waste recycling centres

We have three modern household waste and recycling centres located across the city. All our centres are designed to maximise recycling.

Residents' pass scheme

To use the sites you need to display a pass in the window of your car to prove you are a Hull resident. If you have not received your pass, or if you lose the pass or forget it, you can still gain access to the sites by showing one of the following as proof of your address in Hull -

  • recent utility bill such as -
    • gas
    • electric
    • Council Tax
  • driving licence

If you wish to use a commercial vehicle you still require a permit.

Find out more about resident or commercial vehicle permits

Important changes - Sort it before you bring it

We have three modern household waste recycling centres located across the city. All our centres are designed to maximise recycling. With this in mind, residents are asked to sort all bags of mixed waste before arriving at the site to help the Council recycle even more waste.

The Council carried out an exercise where we split residents' bags over a number of days and found that two thirds of the contents of bagged waste contained items we can easily recycle including textiles, glass bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, plastics and electrical goods. All of these can be individually recycled at the household waste recycling centres but were being missed because the bags ended up in general waste.

Pre-sorting your bags will help to drive up recycling rates even further.

Mixed bags

There is now a dedicated sorting area on each site for the material brought in mixed bags. The site attendants will help you to sort your waste to maximise recycling.

Opening times

The sites are often busy in a morning and on a Friday, please take this into account when planning your visit, our opening times are -

  • Monday - 10am to 5pm
  • Tuesday -  10am - 5pm
  • Wednesday - Closed
  • Thursday - Closed
  • Friday- 10am to 5pm
  • Saturday- 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday- 10am to 5pm

The Household waste recycling centres are closed on -

  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Day.

Sutton Fields household waste and recycling centre
Amsterdam Road

Wiltshire Road household waste and recycling centre
11 Dairycoates Industrial Estate
Wiltshire Road

Burma Drive household waste and recycling centre
Burma Drive

Use of the sites

If you are a resident of Hull you can recycle or dispose of household waste at any of our sites. However business, trade or commercial users may not use them. Arrangements for trade or business collections should be made either by our trade waste officers or by private contractors.

If you can't transport recyclables to the site yourself, you can use the bulky item collection service.

Find out more about the bulky item collection service

What can be recycled

We provide separate containers for the recycling and safe disposal of -

  • electrical items
  • fridges and freezers
  • batteries
  • large appliances
  • fluorescent tubes
  • low energy bulbs
  • televisions and monitors
  • printer cartridges
  • mobiles
  • tyres
  • used engine oil
  • car batteries
  • hardcore
  • wood and timber
  • soil
  • clear, brown or green glass bottles and jars
  • garden waste
  • food tins and drink cans
  • aerosols
  • foil
  • scrap metal
  • spectacles
  • cartons
  • tapes and discs
  • CDs and DVDs
  • used vegetable oil
  • paper
  • newspapers and magazines
  • cardboard
  • corrugated cardboard
  • telephone directories
  • books
  • plastic bottles
  • textiles
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • hard plastics
  • carpets
  • mattresses


Residents can donate unwanted items which are in good condition and suitable for reuse at any of our three household waste recycling centres in Hull.

We are also now accepting large domestic appliances (white goods) and fridges and freezers for reuse.  This will be tested and made available for sale at a new reuse electricals shop on Marfleet Lane operated by Dove House Hospice in partnership with us.

Find out more about the new reuse electrical shop and the general reuse shop at Humberfield.

Some other materials can also be disposed of at our sites. These are - 

  • household and garden chemicals

You need a permit to bring waste to any of our household waste recycling centre in a van or trailer.

Find out more about applying for a permit

How to deal with asbestos

Asbestos can only be deposited at the Wiltshire Road household waste and recycling centre. You need to follow these instructions -

  • make sure all asbestos is double bagged, wrapped and sealed in suitable heavy duty plastic bags such as soil, rubble or garden waste bags (available from most supermarkets and DIY stores) or heavy duty plastic sheeting (available from builder's merchants)
  • deposit the material into the asbestos container yourself
  • follow the instructions of the site staff at all times 

Site staff inspect the bags used to deposit asbestos. If the bags are split or are not correctly sealed, they are not accepted. Also, if the bags are not sufficient strength and split when lifted they are not accepted.

If you bring asbestos in carrier bags, hessian bags, pedal bin liners or similar lightweight black plastic bags, wrapped in cling film or bubble wrap they are not accepted.

Other sites and centres

Burma Drive education centre

A recycling education centre, built from recyclable materials and powered using solar panels and wind turbines, is available for schools and community groups to promote recycling.