Get involved in tenant participation

We offer a wide range of ways for people to get involved and you can choose the method that best suits you ranging from - 

  • completing surveys
  • attending meetings
  • joining a local group 
  • checking your local area 

Please contact the Tenant Participation Team (us) for more information.

Tenants' Forum

The Tenants' Forum gives you the opportunity to give feedback and discuss issues that affect housing, before any decisions are made. Membership is open to all tenants, residents and interested parties from across the city. 

The Forum has adopted a code of conduct and terms of reference, so that all members understand and agree how it should function and to ensure that their work is carried out - 

  • openly
  • efficiently
  • fairly
  • in a business like manner

Dates and times of forum meetings can be found in customer service centre and information points or in the events calendar. 

Find your nearest customer service centre or information point

Access our events calendar

A forum pack is sent out to members of the Tenants' Forum before each meeting which gives details of the month's forum agenda, previous month's minutes and feedback forms from any tenant participation activities that have taken place since the last forum.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers help us to test the quality of our services. Posing as customers, they test the call centre, customer service centres and information points by visiting or ringing in with a query, or even by looking for information on the website. 

Mystery shoppers help us to establish which services are performing well and which areas need improving. They also help us answer basic service delivery questions, such as whether customers can always acces a particular service and how well enquiries are dealt with.

All council tenants and prospective tenants can take part in mystery shopping.


Real Mystery Shopping 

Real Mystery shoppers also test the quality and accuracy of services being delivered but, unlike conventional mystery shopping which tests made up scenarios, real mystery shopping uses customer's feedback on their real life experiences. 

Real mystery shoppers can either tell us about their experiences by completing a feedback form, or they can speak to us. Giving us your feedback is quick and easy to do but has real impact on the improvement of housing services. 


Estate Walks 

Estate Walks are opportunities for tenants and residents to become involved with improving their local housing estate. The aim of a walk is to highlight areas which they feel need action.

This could be -

  • abandoned cars
  • bulky items 
  • fly - tipping 
  • graffiti
  • noise nuisance
  • litter
  • overgrown gardens

The officer will note any items and arrange the most appropriate remedial action. 

If tenants or residents wish to volunteer for estate walks or to know more about estate walk focus group, they can put their name forward by calling 01482 300 300 and asking to speak to a member of the Tenant Participation Team, or call into a local information point or customer service centre. 


Housing Opinion Panel (HOP)

The housing opinion panel is made up of people who would like to be consulted about housing issues. We contact the panel when we want to ask you for your opinion and to test the quality of our services. 

As a member of the HOP you can specify particular areas if interest, from anti-social behavior and homelessness to repairs. you can also choose your preferred method of consultation so that we can contact you in a way that suits you. We carry out consultations in a number of ways, including regular meetings, one-off focus groups and questionnaires. 

The questionnaires you will receive are fairly short and should not take up much of your time to complete. 

Members of tenant and resident groups are very welcome to become members of the panel and we appreciate your participation.

If you would like to take part in any of these activities all you need to do is download and complete the form below- 



You can also pick up a housing opinion panel registration form at any customer service centre or information point or contact the Tenant Participation Team. 

How to contact us

Email - 

Telephone - 01482 300 300