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People’s Panel Vox Pop Series

Vox pop, or Vox populi in full, is a Latin phrase that means 'voice of the people'.

This People’s Panel survey series helps us to explore the social attitudes of local people, and to explore our People's Panel findings in more depth.

In the People’s Panel Vox Pop survey 2 we want to understand your views about changes during your lifetime and social attitudes on -

  • life
  • death
  • religion
  • families
  • relationships

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This survey closes on Thursday 28th February 2019

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Other consultations and surveys

Hull City Council makes sure that it meets the needs and expectations of its residents by regularly consulting with individuals, organisations and businesses.

The following are current Hull City Council consultations and surveys - 

Ongoing surveys

City centre regeneration and improvement
Hull City Council is working on a number of exciting regeneration and improvement projects in the city centre. We want to make sure local people and visitors have a chance to tell us what they think and what they would like to see. Please take a moment to give us your views on this project.
Complete the survey here


Hull City Council services satisfaction survey

Hull City Council strives to continually improve the service it provides and to deliver value for money to the people of Hull and those who work in and visit the city.

Please take a moment to tell us how satisfied you are with Hull City Council's services by letting us know where you think we have improved and where you think we have got worse. We also want to know a little bit about your experience of making complaints and about your view of Hull as City of Culture 2017.

Complete the Hull City Council satisfaction survey
Queens Garden survey

Hull City Council would like to restore Queens Gardens to their former glory. Help us to bid for the funds by telling us what you think about the gardens now and what you would like to see in the future.

Complete the Queens Garden survey


Beverley Road Townscape Heritage Scheme survey

Covering the stretch of Beverley Road between the city centre and the junction of Queens Road and Sculcoates Lane, the Townscape Heritage Scheme for Beverley Road has been awarded a grant of almost £1.6m. This is to be used to offer -

  • grants for urgent conservation works
  • property maintenance
  • historic shop front restorations
  • boundary and public realm improvements
  • fund heritage training
  • engagement opportunities

We would like to hear your views to help us monitor and evaluate how much of a positive impact the scheme is having on the area.

Complete the Beverley Road Townscape Heritage Scheme survey


Older Peoples Housing Strategy Consultation

The Council is leading the development of a new housing strategy for the city's older people. This will guide investment and will set our priorities for the future. This survey asks you to think about your housing needs in the fixture, (and those of any older people you know) - for example, when perhaps your mobility might not be as good as it is now, or you may need to help around the house, or with tasks such as washing or dressing.

Complete The Older Peoples Housing Strategy Consultation
Closing date: 31 December 2018

Results of previous consultations and surveys

The results of previous key consultations and surveys can be found on the Hull Data Observatory.

Visit the 'Have Your Say' area of the Hull Data Observatory