Untidy land

Report untidy land 

By contacting us on 01482 300 300

If you can provide images of the untidy land that will help us respond to your complaint. You will be given a reference number and email address to do this.

Untidy land if left unattended can - 

  • become unsightly
  • detrimental
  • cause defacement to the neighbourhood
  • cause a nuisance or risk to public health
  • attract other forms of problems such as flytipping
  • leave communities feeling neglected and unsafe

The majority of problems reported are relatively easy to put right, for example- 

  • accumulations of household waste, refuse bags, white goods and litter from the person living at the property
  • large accumulations of litter on the land
  • accumulations of dog faeces
  • unoccupied land where persons are fly tipping on the land
  • abandoned vehicles or parts from vehicles
  • overgrown gardens

What action can be taken by the Council

Where the condition of land is found to be unacceptable we will establish the owner/occupier and send a notification of complaint. This letter will list the issues that need to be resolved on the land. 

If the owner/occupier fails or is unwilling to resolve the condition of the untidy land, a legal notice is served requiring steps to be taken within set timescales. The timescales will differ depending on the specific enforcement notice served. 

If following the decision to serve a notice the owner/occupier fails to comply with the requirements listed within the notice, this will be an offence.  Depending on the enforcement notice issued will determine which one or more of the following actions are taken-

  • fixed penalty issued
  • pursue the matter through the courts
  • enter the land and carry out the requirements listed within the notice in default and recover any costs incurred (costs may be placed as a Local Land Charge on the land until paid, or recovered through the Courts)

What if I have seen someone fly tipping on untidy land

If you have seen someone fly tipping on any untidy land, and you are willing to help us take action against those responsible, please access the form below